If you have read the book and listened to the four companion meditations, you may wonder what’s next?

The Bigger Ü self-study course is designed to open your heart and your mind to new and bigger possibilities.

It is structured in four parts, each with sets of meditations and simple exercises to widen both your awareness and your potential.
It introduces mindfulness meditation techniques in a practical context designed to make real changes in the Material World by tapping into Duality, Superconsciousness and Oneness
  • Part 1 : Relaxing and Allowing
  • Part 2 : Timing and Flowing
  • Part 3 : Creating and Generating
  • Part 4 : Loving and Being

Your investment in this course is £44.44

p.s. this course is available from Q1 2019 and also available for bulk licensing for teams

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