Stairway to the Big U SpiralIf you have read the book, and listened to the four companion meditations, you may wonder what’s next.

Discover your Bigger Ü and you will open your soul to new and bigger possibilities.

It is a fully mentored programme with access to online support materials. Typically it is spread over 3-6 months with 2 hours of 1-2-1 time each month with either/or Laurence or Tom.

What your soul will discover:

  • Why there is no reason to struggle
  • Why it makes serve and honour your soul
  • Why the path cannot be shown but only revealed
  • Why it is essential to take the brakes off
  • How to discover your soul’s true purpose
  • How to master the art of perfect timing
  • How to always make wise decisions
  • How to fully let go of outcomes
  • The energies of safe, yet exciting, adventure
  • The energetics of higher states of awareness
  • The energy state that results from being truly authentic
  • The energetics of fully aligned consciousness centres

Your investment is based on the value it delivers to you.

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