What was a small life like for you?

I was a bored, but talented, broadcast and IT consultant. I’d built up two sizeable businesses and had a passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries of what was possible with technology.

I was in a business where I was overloaded, not only running the business unit but also being responsible for fulfilling an ever-increasing sales target year on year. I left.

I wallowed around for a few years as a freelance consultant before I wrote a book, kind of by accident.

A Bigger Tom

My first book opened a door for me that I didn’t know even existed. I started to get approached by people who also wanted to write books. Many of them were blocked so I did some hypnotherapy training to help them and wrote my 1st non-fiction book, Blocks. To help readers, I also recorded some meditative visualisations which they could download for free. I became an expert at clearing writer’s block and adopted the moniker of TheBookWright.

Transition to Big Töm

Around the time I was publishing my 12th book, New Magic for a New Era, I was approached by an app called Insight Timer to upload one of my free meditations. This lead to me writing three more books on mindfulness and co-authoring The Big U.

More significantly, I transitioned from being an author who created some nice meditations to being a internationally renowned meditation guide who happens to have written a number of books. While more and more of my meditations were listened to for free, my premium content started to provide a steady monthly income meaning I became free to create with no boundaries.

What’s Next?

In January 2020, my 16th book and 1st novel is published. This is a book I started writing before publishing my 1st book. Soulwaves is a channelled ‘future history’ of the planet and takes my writings into a completely new realm.

In conjunction, I am creating an album of meditative ambient music inspired by the book. Twelve ambient tracks will appear on Insight Timer, one each month during 2020. In addition, a guided meditation will be made available each month on how to tune into soulwaves. In addition, I am making my whole back catalogue of multimedia courses available to all absolutely free of charge.

This is what happens when we step into being our Big Ü with no fears of where money is coming from or that there is not enough time to achieve your dreams.

Access KeysKey Learnings

  • Follow your intuition
  • Do what you love
  • Meditate daily
  • Embrace resistance
  • Notice signs
  • Give lots away
  • Give thanks to what comes back