Big U MeditationsThe discovery of your Big Ü is something to be experienced. It happens in a mix of gentle stages interspersed with huge leaps in understanding and flashes of enlightenment.

To help you on your path, we have recorded four special guided meditations. They are each exactly, and mindfully, 14 minutes 44 seconds long. They are ideal for new and experienced meditators alike.

They are designed to awaken the energies in each part of the book. You can listen to them before each part, during each part or after reading each part. We strongly recommend you listen to each of them at least once before moving to the next section.
We recommend you don’t listen to them while driving or operating machinery. Indeed, if you do drop off while listening to them, remarkably and bizarrely, they still work.
  • Part 1 : Being Grounded
  • Part 2 : Whole Mind Harmonisation
  • Part 3 : Accessing Superconsciousness
  • Part 4 : Reaching Oneness
  • PLUS a bonus ambient music only track by Eternell for pure relaxation and connection

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