The Big UThe Big Ü is a book in four parts, accompanied by four meditations. Together they are the precursor to an awakening of consciousness.

Your thoughts will change. Your relationship with your thoughts will also change. As a result of this inner change, your outer world will change as a result.

Get the paperback and ebook on

Get the paperback and ebook on

Listen to the audiobook, and meditations, via Audible

Listen to the audiobook, and meditations, via iTunes

The Parts

  • The Material World
  • Duality
  • Superconsciousness
  • Oneness

The Structure of Each Part

  • Explanation
  • Four Whys
  • Four Hows
  • Four Energies that lead to the Next Level
  • Key Takeaways
  • Meditation to Awaken Your Consciousness*
  • Questions to Ponder

* note the meditations are included in the audiobook and hardback versions of The Big Ü. There is a link in the print and ebook versions where, until the 21st September, you can get them for free too – the normal price will be £4.44.

What we call and think of as reality is nothing more, or less, than a pervasive illusion. While it is very real, it is sustended on an unseen larger reality. Realisation of its true nature is the first step to take in transformation.

A more accurate model we can use is one where the world is divided into two - the seen and unseen. This is a quantum world where we are able to influence both potential and probability with our mind alone.

When we sleep, there is an awake version of us that is more conscious than our slumbering form. The same holds true for when are what we call awake. This awake version of us can awaken even more to accessing the Superconsciousness.

We move to a new state of consciousness when we act as a conduit between the Material World and the One-ness of all things. We move into service and become a change-maker.