Cube and PlanesIt will come as no surprise that discovery of your Big Ü, and the development of your Bigger Ü, leads to curiosity as to if there are yet more levels that are accessible to us as humans.

Our Biggest Ü programme could be what you are looking for as it takes everything up a notch or three. Note that is only available for those who are truly ready to step up.

“A journey around the cube is like no other development programme I have undertaken. When you discover the eight corners, your world opens into a whole different reality. You realise you have been looking through a veil.” – Denise Harris-Heigho, Surrey UK

In the Biggest Ü programme you take seven personally mentored steps, usually taken over six months. It is also the precursor to become qualified to train as a practitioner to take others through these steps. As such, it can be seen as an investment.

Outputs from this programme

What you will discover:
  • how to full embody your soul essence
  • how to awaken, and tap into, your fully alive powers
  • what it truly means to live in service
  • how to leave a legacy of breadcrumbs
  • how to be the best possible version of yourself
  • how to see through the veil of illusion
  • how you can truly show up in the world

HypercubeWhat’s involved?

You will be taken on a journey around a Cube which is steeped in esoteric wisdom and erudition. Each face of this Cube will awaken new powers in you. The journey is both subtle and powerful. At the end, all you will know is that you are very different from before.
Each month you will be initiated into a new level of consciousness and awareness with a mix of gentle exercises and mind-opening meditations.
By the way, if some the language below sounds a little strange it is only because these states of awakening are only known to a few at the moment.
  • Conscious reincarntion
  • Soul-lead Advancement
  • Advancement from Chela to Initiate
  • Soul-Mastery
  • Awakening of your Inner Oracle
  • Soul Embodiment

The End Result

At the end of this journey, you truly show up in the world, having discovered your fully alive powers. The final key is learning how to share your innate and unique gifts with the world. You walk away from this process with a personally designed cube which encapsulates your essence.


So you get the maximum benefit from this programme, it is vital that:
  • You will have read The Big Ü book and listened to the companion meditations
  • You have completed The Bigger Ü programme
  • You enter the process with an open heart and mind
  • You are intrigued by how ‘big’ you can really get

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