Yoga ManMeditation 1 : Being Grounded

This guided visualisation accompanies Part 1 of the book, The Material World. You can listen sitting down or lying down and with your eyes open or closed. For even better results, listen to it out in nature ideally watching the sun going down.

Yoga ManMeditation 2 : Whole Mind Harmonisation

This guided meditative visualisation accompanies Part 2 of the book, Duality. This is best listened to sitting down. The first part of the visualisation is done with eyes open and is great to do before embarking on a creative task as it gets you 'into the zone. The second part is useful for making any decision.

Together they explore the dual nature of our consciousness and how our brains are not the only area of consciousness in our body.

Yoga ManMeditation 3 : Accessing Superconsciousness

This guided visualisation accompanies Part 3 of the book, Superconsciousness. It is best listened to sitting down with your back straight and your eyes closed.

The route to accessing Superconsciousness requires that we first become more conscious about the very nature of our consciousness. This extends the practice in the last visualisation by exploring how each of our main mind centres both transmit and receive thought forms and sense impressions.

After listening to it, optionally listen to Meditation 1 : Being Grounded again.

Yoga ManMeditation 4 : Reaching Oneness

This guided visualisation accompanies Part 4 of the book, Oneness. This meditation can be listened to lying down or sitting up, with your eyes open or closed.

It takes you on a guided journey from the dawn of time to the centre of your being, before asking two important questions. Optionally, you can also listen to it out in nature, ideally on top of a hill with a wide view, on a beach watching the sunset or while watching the stars at night.

After listening to it, go back and listen to the first three guided meditative visualisations again for a deepening of your experience and understanding.

Weightless the albumAmbient Music

The background music for these meditations is provided by, and copyright of, Eternell, also known as Ludvig Cimbrellius, a musician and composer from Sweden. Ludvig is a great friend and also a very Big Ü.

The album the music is from is called Weightless and it is available separately for those who just want to relax in its soul warmth. We recommend it highly.

Get the Weightless album here ...

You can also find free ambient music from Eternell on Insight Timer.

Bonus Ambient Meditation Track

To help you connect with Superconsciousness and access Oneness, either lying down or sitting and with headphones on, relax for 33 minutes and 33 seconds to the ambient music only from our companion meditations.