The Book of Ü

Your BookIt is a very proud moment for any author when they first open a copy of a published book that encapsulates their wisdom and experience.

If writing a book is a daunting prospect, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through the process. It took us nine months to give birth to The Big Ü, and just seven to write it and create it. Here’s what you will discover …
  • how to write a book that entrances a reader
  • how to deal with writer’s block and procrastination
  • how to get in the zone
  • how to build your author platform
  • how to get readers to find you
We will personally mentor you through each stage of the process that will result in you simultaneously publishing your book in print, for ereaders and as an audiobook.

How Do You Go About It?

We have written 18 books between us and Tom has mentored hundreds of other authors through this process.

Your author journey will look like this …
  • Book discovery and creation of the reader journey
  • Book and chapter structure and rapid drafting
  • Integration of story telling and reader engagement/entrancement
  • Meetings with your chapters
  • Pre-publication processes
  • Publication and launch
  • Post-publication and marketing plan

Author Support

During the process, we will check in with you along the way as writing can be a lonely process.
  • Weekly check in during the drafting process
  • Bi-weekly during pre-publication
  • Email support for the whole process
  • Author podcast & vodcast interview and social media promotion post-publication
You will also get access to several meditations and instructional videos to keep you on path and connected to your Creative Muse.

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