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Yoga ManMeditation 1 : Just Relax – 15m

This guided visualisation introduces you to the first two methods to achieve a quiet mind – meditating on the breath and meditating on a mantra.

You can do this meditation lying down or sitting up and it is one that you can also fall asleep to. So obviously do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

100 Years of ErmintrudeMeditation 2 : 100 Years of Ermintrude – 19m35s

This guided meditative visualisation takes you on a journey through time, backwards.

Just imagine if we lived our lives backwards but experienced them moving forwards. Would this explain all those serendipities and the resistance experienced when we end up off path.

When you listen to this meditative journey, you will enter the ‘channelling’ state the author was in when he wrote it at 39,000 feet in a 747 somewhere over the mid-Atlantic

Yoga ManMeditation 3 : Just a Thought : 10m

This guided meditation gets you to think about thoughts in a whole new way.

You will learn how to make your thoughts go quiescent merely by thinking about them and talking to them.

Yoga ManMeditation 4 : Creative Dreaming – 15m

This guided visualisation introduces you to a technique you can use to make use of your sleep time to be creative.

You will need a note pad by your bed and note that this is taken from a 30 day course so the references to the earlier and later meditations is not relevant in this case.

Yoga ManMeditation 5 : Eyes Open Meditation – 10m

This guided visualisation introduces you to a way you can make your mind go quiet with your eyes open.

This is a great meditation to do before embarking on a creative task as it gets you into the zone.

Note it’s from a 30 day course, hence the references to the earlier and next meditation (the latter not being part of this set of meditations).

Yoga ManMeditation 6 : Becoming Fearless – 10m

This guided visualisation is the precursor to opening to channel. It loosens any resistance to truly stepping into your full creative magnificence.

If you ever come up against writer’s block at any time, it’s a good one to revisit.

Yoga ManMeditation 7 : Connecting with Your Muse – 21m

This guided visualisation gets your conscious mind to go quiet so that you can connect to the Collective Consciousness.

Have pen and paper ready as the second half of this meditation is just ambient music for you to ‘channel’ to.